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Eternal Family is an independent streaming platform started by a group of artists as a community project. Entirely supported by members, Eternal Family is a home for alternative art & videos to exist and flourish in a non-corporate online space. Members have full access to a curated library of odd, experimental and esoteric videos from a community of original artists.

It began in March 2020, Eternal Family launched with 18 titles from artists like Cole Kush, Mac DeMarco, Salina Ladha, Jay Weingarten, Jerry Paper, Claire Milbrath, Albert Birney, Dan Streit, Cricket Arrison and others. The library has grown to feature over 100 titles from 50+ artists with new videos being added every week. Eternal Family presents a variety of programming including self-produced originals that cannot be found elsewhere and a thoughtful selection of licensed gems from the past and present. 

Eternal Family operates with an artist-support model where 60% of the total revenue goes into creative development and licensing. The goal is to invest thoughtfully towards building a more inclusive and equitable community. Eternal Family supports artists to try out new and unconventional ideas that can be self-produced and perhaps hard to pitch. As the member-base grows so does support for artists.

Members can access Eternal Family anytime, anywhere in the world for $5 per month or $50 per year. Enjoy your viewing experience without any ads or algorithms. The platform is accessible on eternal.tv and AppleTV and iOS apps. 7 day free trials are available and members can cancel anytime. 

"Eternal Family is the best and weirdest video streaming service that you’re not subscribed to"

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