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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I watch?

You catch watch Eternal Family via...

TV: iOS app with Chromecast, Airplay, Roku, tvOS app or HDMI

Tablet: iOS app or browser

Computer: browser

Are there mobile and TV apps?

We have iOS & tvOS apps available. Download here.

How do I upgrade or cancel my membership?

You can modify your membership anytime.

After logging in, go to “My Account” > “Billing” > “Change Plan”

How do I submit my ideas?

Feel free send an email to with a brief concept and links.

Due to high volume and tiny staff we can only reply to submissions we're interested in.

Thank you very much for your time :)

Is Eternal Family available worldwide?

Yes, although we do have some geo-restrictions which can be found here. Otherwise the platform is accessible anytime, anywhere on the planet.

What does it mean?

Eternal Family is the name of our streaming platform. It is meant to spark your imagination on the possibilities of boundless connection.

Who owns Eternal Family?

We are funded entirely through member support. Eternal Family was started by Cole Kush, Laura Pumphrey, Drew Marshall and others. There are no outside financial investors.

Are you based in LA?

No, Eternal Family is based in Canada however many of the artists we work with are based in LA and New York.

How does someone get into making experimental videos?

It's a good question. I'd start by getting a clear sense of the types of work you enjoy most. Hopefully through that process you can connect with others who share your interests. From there I'd say figure out ways to collaborate with those people. Being open to learn and not afraid to make mistakes along the way are important qualities too.

What are your biggest influences?

The platform is made up of many different artists with their own set of influences. I think the biggest common thread is an appreciation for art that explores an immense amount of personal freedom and finding joy in that process.

What are Eternal Family's long term goals?

To continue to support new ideas in more sustainable ways for everyone involved.

How much is a membership?

There are three membership options. We also offer a sliding-scale price option, simply email



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Enjoy full access to our curated library of videos.

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Enjoy full access to our curated library of videos.

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