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1993 IN THE SUNSHINE FOREVER is an audio visual project focused on the distortion of memory and the erosion of nostalgia through the process of aging. The music - a collection of entirely reversed and disfigured loops of 90’s songs rendered unrecognizable and rearranged to form new melodic compositions - reinforces the inherent unreliability of memory, imbuing each song with the melancholic notion that you cannot go home again. The visuals, a collage of ever-evolving abstract imagery using fragments of my own personal video archives, aims to compliment those themes, mining emotional resonance from experimental expressionism. The piece is a deeply personal effort, exploring the past through a warped and disfigured lens.

All music + visuals by Tynan DeLong

Life is hard. But life could be easy. Wow. 

If we lived in a society of care, in which everyone’s needs were abundantly satiated, instead of a society of punishment, which perpetuates scarcity and hierarchy…that would be chill. 

While we can’t erase the psychic stress of misrecognition and heartbreak, Life is Easy stupidly considers the true abolitionist argument that 1) most “crime” and despair are based in material lack we could eliminate, but choose not to, bc power; and 2) that getting out of this means reimagining everything. Everything :)

IDK with Caroline Yost is a podcast about not knowing. I use my heart to guide me into being honest, open, funny, forgiving, laughable, bold, brave, inquisitive about my ideas on life in conversation with a person I am curious to talk to based on chance encounters with them or their work out in the world. Everything happens for a reason but can we really ever know why? There is so much to discuss. Caroline Yost is a comedian... or is she... a healer????