Eternal Family is a membership-based streaming service supporting artists to try new ideas. Focusing on original, unique and explorative programming, new releases can take any form: one-offs, series, livestream events, long journeys, etc. The interactive library includes over 50 titles and continues to build over time. As the subscriber-base grows so does the support for creators on Eternal Family. 

60% of total revenue is used to fund new things with the rest put towards operations. Eternal Family supports creators to try out new and unconventional ideas that can be self-produced and perhaps hard to pitch. The goal is to invest thoughtfully towards developing a more inclusive community of artists. Creators are given a clear budget, timeline and support to develop their ideas into original works.

Eternal Family is accessible worldwide on the website and TV & mobile apps. Membership is $5 per month or $50 per year. First week is free and you cancel anytime if you do NOT want this service! 

Membership includes: 

 • Unlimited use of the interactive library with no ads 

•1 x ticket to the monthly live show, Family Night 

• Access to new releases, discounts to ticketed events, etc. 

Eternal Family was created as an alternative to the non-stop content consumption world. We value hosting an online space for exploring and appreciating creative freedom. We also recognize that this bizarre human experience can be challenging and we hope that by connecting through art we can embrace this trip together! 

For more information or to reach out, email us at hello@eternal.tv